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Shindong “When I was a trainee, I got caught taking pictures of Uknow Yunho”


On MBC오늘 밤만 재워줘(Put me to sleep just for tonight)’, which aired on the 19th, the group that surpassed Korea and grabbed ahold of Asia, Super Junior’s dorm was shown. Lee Kyungshil, Kim Jisun, Kang Soojung, and Yoo Chaeyoung, These four ajumma (old lady) MCs looked around the Super Junior dorm, looking at the members underwear and personal items, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

Shindong caught everybodys attention when he revealed that he got caught taking pictures of DBSK’s Uknow Yunho with his camera phone.

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Kim Heechul, “I don’t like girls. I had my first kiss at the age of 22”

‘Super Junior’ Kim Heechul revealed about the memories of his first kiss.

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Kangin “Age doesn’t matter in love, but they have to be pretty…”

Super Junior’s Kangin, who will be in his 2nd movie, revealed his thoughts on age difference in love.

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Super Junior member Hankyung, In Korea, a star – In China, a boyfriend?

Rumors about Korean’s Idol Group Super Junior member Hankyung are coming up that he is dating. Following his scandal with Chinese actress 우맹맹 (Woo Meng Meng),  there is talk that Hankyung’s girlfriend is 유역비 (Yoo Yeokbi – Liu Yi Fei).

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Dong Bang Shinki, ‘Say-No’ Prevent Smoking Finale

DBSK performed the last ‘세이노(Say-No)’ prevention of smoking music video series.

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Kim Shinyoung, “I’m friendly with Suju’s Kim Heechul and SNSD”

‘Kim Shinyoung, I’m friendly with Suju’s Kim Heechul and Soshi.’

Gagwoman Kim Shinyoung is gaining attention because she admitted to being close friends with Super Junior’s pretty boy member Kim Heechul.

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Super Junior, 1 second Cameo on ‘별순검’ (Byul Soon Gum)

Popular group Super Junior Happy (a.k.a Suju) made a surprise cameo appearance in MBC Dramanet’s ‘별순검’ (Byul Soon Gum) for a 1 second. Suju appeared on the 6th episode of ‘별순검’ 5 which aired in Korea on the 18th at 11.

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