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Solbi’s regret “Because of her outburst character, her CF was cancelled”

Solbi was asked if she had ever regretted anything about her character. She replied that she has.

On the 28th, Solbi appeared on ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2’. She was asked “Was there anything you ever regretted?”. She revealed that “For a while, I had the kind of character that just talks without thinking and because of that, a CF I was to appear in got canceled”.

Following this, Solbi talked about her episode with singer Rain. Solbi told that “Rain, who was at the practice room, saw me and got up to greet me.” “Rain, who doesn’t act like a world star, was very courtious and considerate which Solbi was touched by.”

Korean Article: 솔비후회 “막말캐릭터로 CF 취소됐어요”


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Yoogun + Solbi “They both have feelings for each other?”

Yoogun and Solbi expressed that they have an interest in each other.

On the latest KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’, which aired on the 11th at 5:20, Yoogun and Solbi,who both were guests on the show, established a love line with each other.

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‘Sharing Angel’ Suh Shinae Famine Concert Opening Performance

Child star Suh Shinae has become a sharing angel to help all the suffering hungry children in the world.

During the ‘One Meal’ opening, Shinae went on stage and started off the ‘Famine 24’ by reading aloud a letter that spoke of all the children around the world that are in poverty or fighting some unknown disease.

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