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‘Sharing Angel’ Suh Shinae Famine Concert Opening Performance

Child star Suh Shinae has become a sharing angel to help all the suffering hungry children in the world.

During the ‘One Meal’ opening, Shinae went on stage and started off the ‘Famine 24’ by reading aloud a letter that spoke of all the children around the world that are in poverty or fighting some unknown disease.

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Kim Gunmo kissed the sole of Lee Youngja’s feet?! “Revealing his embarrassing story”

Kim Gunmo revealed his embarrassing story about how he kissed Lee Youngja’s feet.

Kim Gunmo has a classmate friend relation with Lee Youngja who both went to Seoul Institute of the Arts. Kim Gunmo appeared on a talk show on tvN called ‘Taxi’which Lee Youngja hosts.
The episode that went on between the two 10 years before was revealed and made everybody around burst into laughter.

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