News Page

All the major and minor news articles that come out are translated and posted.
I was going to trim it down and just put the basic jist of it but then it feels good to know what the entire article is actually saying right? (Or maybe I’m just a failure at leaving stuff out because I think it might be important… like in my subs >_>;)

I don’t know -_- I think the articles I put up are pretty important or good to know.
No? I’m leaning off of the major topics because you can basically go to other peoples site for that.

I try not to be bias in the articles that I translate. But as you’ve noticed, I kind of lean more towards the articles that feature boy bands.;;Heh…

I’ll try to update once a day but seeing as how on certain days I might be busy, there might not be a post or if anything there might be one. And in that case, there will be a spamload of posts after that.



  1. hyukjaejoong said

    ohh..no..haha..your news are good! they’re all news material..and because of that..i choose your blog as my source of my news..i post them to another..but credits are all yours, of course..i hope that okay..^_^ please keep up the good work!

  2. seri said

    your blog rocks, because you post news without the same bias like allkpop, popseoul and whatevers, just like coolsmurf!
    but i like yours better because you focus more on kpop!
    keep it going gomdoriii!!! soon you’ll see an army of followers!!!!
    i’ll be checking everyday for updates!

  3. chau said

    great site. please keep up the great work^^

  4. ciaodahling said

    great site!

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