Suju Leader Eeteuk “Kibum doesn’t think of me as a hyung”

Super Junior members revealed things about themselves.

On MBC오늘 밤만 재워줘(Put me to sleep just for tonight)’, which aired on the 19th, the group that surpassed Korea and grabbed ahold of Asia, Super Junior’s dorm was shown. Lee Kyungshil, Kim Jisun, Kang Soojung, and Yoo Chaeyoung, These four ajumma (old lady) MCs looked around the Super Junior dorm throughly and couldn’t help but get overexcited.

Especially that day when the Super Junior revealed which member they don’t get along with very well. This recieved a lot of attention from the audience.

Eeteuk said that “Kibummie doesn’t think of me as a hyung” and that he says the harsh things that the other members don’t say like “Is that all you can do hyung?” “The people around me say you’re the most hated person” And since Kibum is that honest, it sometimes gets awkward between the two of them.

But on the contrary, the other members said “Kibum says the frustrating points about the members very refreshingly so we’re thankful for that.” This caused a wave of laughter among the people at the shoot.

In other news, Eunhyukkie said that he was awkward with the Chinese member Hankyung  can’t communicate well with each other so that’s why the awkwardness is there. Following that Sungmin pointed out that Kangin orders him to do this and that a lot.

Korean Article: 슈주 리더 이특 “기범은 나를 형으로 생각안한다”



  1. lovingmin said could you do that to minnie …
    i wanna watch this !!!!

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  3. rest_tea said

    please…please 1000x could you upload and sub the show for me?!!!

  4. vangie said

    i wish u cud upload dis show… i want 2 see more pics ..want 2 see more of their latest look!!!

  5. kyuhyun's gal said

    hahaha i want to watch this show!! LOLz kibum’s that honest ?? and kangin’s ordering minnie a lot? hahaha we love you boys!!

  6. yuefu said

    wow, thanks for sharing.
    where is ttangkkomang?

  7. SuJu fan said

    they have this in it also has english subs 😀

  8. Juls said

    I fell in love with that dimple along time ago.

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