Shindong “When I was a trainee, I got caught taking pictures of Uknow Yunho”


On MBC오늘 밤만 재워줘(Put me to sleep just for tonight)’, which aired on the 19th, the group that surpassed Korea and grabbed ahold of Asia, Super Junior’s dorm was shown. Lee Kyungshil, Kim Jisun, Kang Soojung, and Yoo Chaeyoung, These four ajumma (old lady) MCs looked around the Super Junior dorm, looking at the members underwear and personal items, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

Shindong caught everybodys attention when he revealed that he got caught taking pictures of DBSK’s Uknow Yunho with his camera phone.

3 days after he came into the company as a trainee, Shindong saw DBSK and “Since I was so amazed that I saw stars, I wanted a reminder so I pulled out my camera phone” He revealed, “I wanted to take a picture of Uknow Yunho but I wanted to hide the shutter sound the camera makes so I ended up recording as a video while I pretended to be texting someone”.

Following that Shindong said “When Uknow Yunho saw the camera, I calmly pretended to answer my phone while still recording but in the end I got caught. After I went to my friends and showed off as I showed them the video.”

In other news, that say Super Junior’s leader Eeteuk started crying at the thought about his grandmother who took care of him and touched everyones hearts.

Korean Article: 신동 “연습생시절 유노윤호 몰카찍다 딱 걸렸다”



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  3. HAHA! So funny!

  4.'s.left said

    Haha, that’s so Shin Dong!

  5. vangie said

    i miss shin dong ssi…he’s so gorgeous now a day..i want to see him in a sitcom or a reality show^^!

  6. kyuhyun's gal said

    i was laughing so hard when i read this!! shindong!!

  7. Juls said

    This is so cute. He’s not so handsome but he’s super adorable.

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