Kim Heechul, “I don’t like girls. I had my first kiss at the age of 22”

‘Super Junior’ Kim Heechul revealed about the memories of his first kiss.

 On 김희철은 20일 방송되는 SBS ‘Becoming Good Daddies’ which aired on the 20th, Kim Heechul surprised the people around him when he said “Looking at my features, you might think that I’ve dated a lot of people but much to peoples surprises, the truth is that I haven’t dated anyone until I was 20.”

 Also Kim Heechul said “It was so far to the point that he even hated women that he had his first kiss at 22 years old.” This caused a lot of attention.

 The memories of Kim Heechul’s first kiss will be broadcast on the 20th at 5:15 PM on SBS ‘To Become Good Daddies’.

Korean Article: 김희철, “여자를 싫어해 첫 키스도 22살때 했다”



  1. femmefataleartemis said

    no way! i thought he had a crush on sohee? lol..

  2. bangbang said

    He does but it’s just because she’s a cute little sister to him. This kind of news is why there are so many rumors of him actually being gay but cannot come out due to him being an entertainer. If that’s true, must be very depressing for him.

  3. […] gomdoriii credit: Yahoo! Korea […]

  4. […] gomdoriii credit: Yahoo! Korea […]

  5. Layla said

    maybe he’s just a misogynist?
    I mean sometimes I think he might be gay, but the his masculine personality just kills me. So I honestly don’t know what to think.

    but ether way you can’t deny, Kim Heechul is the bomb, and you either love to hate him or hate to love him. but he’s definitely one person you can’t deny nor can you forget.

    but I love his personality, so honestly, I don’t really care either way.

    thanks for sharing ^^

  6. ana said

    huh? it is real? LOL he looks like he dated at the age of 16.
    gomdorii will you just sub this episode of good daddy show so we can see and watch it as well 🙂 hope you will.

  7. toholover said

    1st off the sites dat we foreigners go to the forums or blogs on super junior or dbsk some things they post are totally false a few r true but mostly r false if u wan true stuff u should get the official stuff dat suju n dbsk says in korean for dbsk in japanese as well the interviews talk shows magazine interviews the ones dat is in japanese or korean n its translated by a korean or japanese not someone hu roughly juz noes the language those r the true information those we find here forums n such most of them r totally fake coz its all in eng n its juz ppl writing it not bashing juz dat seriously the sites dat we foreigners use to get more info dats all in eng posting the comments topics n such more than 3/4 of it is almost all fake n totally not true so i nvr really believe wat these eng sites about the idol groups say their interviews talk shows magazine interviews translated frm their japanese or korean those r the true ones n the variety shows(some of them the ones they reveal their secrets in danyounghaji(don noe how to spell) dat one is real so don believe anything u see on a forum blog n such especially if its not an official thing

  8. Chagiya said

    Nice heenim..

    Look @ me, im not a girl! Im woman lhoo!! Wink! Wink! Wink!

  9. betty ^_^ said

    frist kiss……..
    it is imposible in my life

  10. SJ haha said

    oh! so sad that Hee Chul oppa hate girl . i wonder why he have a frist kiss with who? Hee Chul oppa could you answer me ?

  11. Hana Choi said

    Why he hates the girls?
    Just because his first kiss?
    What about his first kiss?
    Was it hurt?
    Or did the person that he kissed, left him, went away??
    How come?!

    Couldn’t get any hope in him again~ *Crash!! My heart breaks!*


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