Uknow Yunho revealing his homeless times in his difficult past

The story of what happened to Dong Bang Shinki’s leader Uknow Yunho 2 years ago is gaining a lot of attention again.

Last year (2006) on SBS’s ‘야심만만’  (Yashimmanman), Uknow Yunho revealed about the time that he was homeless at times. At that time, they were asked ‘The greatest crisis of our life was?’. Uknow Yunho replied “Because money was so tight that he couldn’t even pay for his younger sibiling (who was in middle school at the time)’s math trip fee, he started working” His homelessness story followed.

“Because of the prize money I could win from dancing competition, I participated in them and that’s how I walked down the path to become a singer.  But because the trainee time was so long and my hometown is Jeolado Gwangju, I just found places to stay.”  He talked about his experiences saying “I stayed at Xiah Junsu’s house a lot, but on days when there was trouble, he would stay in the train stations.” At the time, he happilly said “It was so cold that I went into the Euljiro 3rd stop and I found out that it was really nice play to stay.” But the fans and audience that was watching could only be heart broken.

Korean Article: 유노윤호 노숙 고백 어려웠던 과거 화제



  1. bro said

    “& i found out that it was really nice place to stay” awwww that is SO cute yet SO sad

  2. aitsukame said

    that was so sad T_T

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  4. kirra12 said

    T.T aish im watching YSMM now T.T

  5. Di said

    awww all of dbsk has such a sad story! =(!!!

  6. xeraxiah said

    He’s such a strong man.
    I love his strength. =)

  7. lea said

    uknow is the best in DBSK.. he is very talented.. i luv uknow..

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