Super Junior member Hankyung, In Korea, a star – In China, a boyfriend?

Rumors about Korean’s Idol Group Super Junior member Hankyung are coming up that he is dating. Following his scandal with Chinese actress 우맹맹 (Woo Meng Meng),  there is talk that Hankyung’s girlfriend is 유역비 (Yoo Yeokbi – Liu Yi Fei).

On the 3rd in the Chinese entertainment news( they posted an article with the title ‘Hankyung’s girlfriend 유역비(劉亦菲)’. This caused a lot of attention and responses.

This newspaper revealed that they are currently dating.
The two met through a meeting between their friends a year ago. They both showed interest in each other and they immediately began getting to know each other better. They revealed that it has been a year since they have been dating.

Korean Article: 슈주 멤버 한경, 한국에선 연예-중국에선 연애?



  1. bloomin_ said

    she’s pretty =)

    aren’t they acting in the same drama together?

    i want to see the drama ^o^

  2. Taae said

    oh .. that would be great ^___^

  3. suju said

    yeah…very preety n suits him too!

  4. kirra12 said

    XD kekekeke if she’s the one i definitely wont mind, XD
    cause i’ve watchd the movie she was in.. and definitely a cutie

  5. mimiejay said

    oh no..<<me being fangirlsm..

    i don’t mind my idols have GF but i wish not to know..

  6. vangie said

    yeah me 2..don mind my idol prince have long as my prince is happy~~!

  7. IanL said

    nooooo…. T.T

    Xi xi cannot be his! she has to wait for me!!! T.T


  8. teephanie said

    OMGGGGGGGG I freaking loveee her, she’s so pretty and she was amazing in the cordor heroes =) Hankyung would be so lucky if he was dating her, but I wonder if its true..all the SJ membs are probably so jealous of his pimpness right now lols

  9. Amy said


    I Love him so much “SOB”~

  10. ok said

    Japorean plastic nose job are ugly as hell without those special hospital treatments …. full of bullsh*t just like their mongol jap blood naturally allows you all to be.

    Japorean news reminds me of little midget trolls rambling.

  11. ok said

    I bet all those taiwan jap japorean females are fuming cause they are ugly as hell without nose jobs. Stop your BS web trolling LIU is a natural beauty unlike your bastard nose job stars, what a joke these jap trolls will create any story

  12. tieuyeunu said

    their not dating, the girl in the picture isn’t Liu Yi Fei, its Huang Yi who was in the film Youthful Stages with him. Pity…him and Liu would have fit more, closer in age and both very cute.

  13. oh shocks!!

    it kinda hurts..
    but i really really love this gurl..
    id seen her once in a series..
    and i really like her!!

    man!! i wish them all the best!!

    i still love hankyung oppa!!

    suju saranghae!!

  14. Hana Choi said

    It hurts!!~
    Gosh!! Does it true?? *It breaks my heart…* 😦

    Congratulation for you, Kyung.. (If it’s true~ Really, I hope that’s not true!~)

    Pretty n lucky girl~
    That girl is so pretty n cute!!~

    Lucky has a guy like u, Kyung~

    Saranghae, Kyung..

    God bless…

  15. ria said

    Wah?Is this true?
    Wee! I love ti!
    I love Hankyung and also her!
    She starred in love of the Condor Heroes right?

  16. 3ashgt hankyung said

    منهي بنت الكلب بنت اليهود هذي الله ياخذها مستانسه السافلة ما صدقت تلاقي ولد مشان تمشى معه و تحلم تصير حبيبته كيش ياعلها للموت

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