Sohee’s shy surprising confession “My legs are originally long.”

Wonder Girls member Sohee shyly confessed that from the start, she has long legs.

On SBS’s ‘Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate’, which aired the 5th, the Wonder Girls appeared.
MC Kim Jungeun asked “Who is the most stylish?”. To that Sunye replied “Sohee has pretty legs so she often wears jeans that make her legs look longer.”

Following that, Sohee created a lot of laughter from the audience by surprisingly saying to herself  “It’s not that my legs look longer, they were long to begin with.”

That day the Wonder girls revealed that “When we’re performing our latest song ‘노바디(Nobody)’, the outfits are so tight that before we go on stage, we worry about eating.” Also “There were days that we didn’t eat the entire day because we had a lot of performances to do on that certain day”.

The Wonder Girls showed an amazing performance as they performed ‘Love You I do’ from the movie Dream Girls OST and also the Rain Stone version of‘노바디(Nobody)’.

In other news, the Wondergirls will hold their own concert next February in the middle of the month in Seoul.

Korean Article: 소희 수줍은 깜찍고백 “제 다리 원래 길어요”



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  2. coolsmurf said

    wanted to ask u to do this! hope u are well!

  3. me said

    This is cool

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