Kangin “Age doesn’t matter in love, but they have to be pretty…”

Super Junior’s Kangin, who will be in his 2nd movie, revealed his thoughts on age difference in love.

On the 3rd at 11 PM at Seoul’s Apjujeong’s CGV Theater the movie ‘순정만화 (Soonjung Manhwa)’ teaser conference, Kangin said “(In love) there’s no such thing as an age difference”. He added “Since love isn’t about numbers but feelings, it doesn’t matter if they are younger or older. As long as we can walk around in the streets holding hands without people pointing their fingers at us. But they also have to be pretty.”. His honesty created lots of laughter.

In this movie, Kangin will play teen Kangsook who falls in love with a girl who is 11 years older than him named Hakyung (played by Chae Jeongahn).

Following that Kangin said, “I like the wild type who won’t lose to me” He added on the topic of his type saying, “I like a girl who has leadership skills so personality wise, I feel closer to Chae Jeongahn rather than Lee Yeonhee”

Following ‘꽃미남 연쇄 테러 사건’ (Attack of the Pretty Boys), “As I looked at the ‘순정만화’ (Soonjung Manhwa) script, I didn’t over analyze it and the director made it so that I wasn’t too nervous or worried. They helped me be the best Kangsook-like, Kangin-like acting I could do.” He added “(This filming) I’m really anticipating it because it feels like the start of a new semester in a new class”.

‘순정만화 (Soonjung Manhwa)’ will be released on the 27th.

Korean Article: 강인 “사랑에 나이는 상관 없어, 하지만 예뻐야…”



  1. bro said

    his comment does not surprise me lol looking forward to this movie~ hopefully it doesn’t disappoint ^^

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  4. Ruth said

    hahah i saw “Hakyung”
    and i was like WHAT THE HELL HANKYUNG? xD

    this totally reminds me of WGM!
    JoonBo couple<3

  5. Peach said

    Thank you for the good news, this makes me still live with hope, 6 years older is nothing for him hahahah.

    Is it ok , if i’ll translate Your post in to Thai and post in my SuJu board???

  6. sammyjo said

    love his attitude towards love! so cute! Cant wait to see this film but i’ll have to wait till it comes out on DVD (curse my being born in england) :)Lol

  7. kenoa said

    the girl in the movie is not 11 years older but 6

  8. kirra12 said

    LOL. reminds me of hyunjoong and hwangbo

  9. ashleee said

    mann. i swear O___O !
    when i saw ‘hakyung’
    i immediately thought, “hankyung?”

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