Rain’s Girlfriend, The lucky girl is?

World Star Rain, who came back with his latest 5th album talked about his past girlfriend.

On SBS ‘야심만만-예능선수촌 (Yashimmanman)’ which aired on the 3rd, when Kang Hodong’s asked  “I was so busy that I couldn’t date anybody that wasn’t in my line of work”, Rain who appeared that day said “It wasn’t the same line of work, but it was someone who is in the entertainment business”. Right after he revealed that “She was a Top Model.” This caused curiousity among all the audience.

Following that Rain said “During the trainee days, we overcame several possible breakups during our relationship and thought it was a meeting of fate but the Top Model girlfriend said that he didn’t do much for her and was distressed about it.” Then he added, “Because I have a personality in which I’m personable to anybody, I’ve broken up with my girlfriend once.”.

Korean Article: 비 여자친구, 그 행운의 여자는?



  1. kirra12 said

    LOL i guess these singers that we ‘worship’ slowly one by one reveals bout things like gfs >.< hahaha *sad*

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  3. teephanie said

    hmsss I wonder who it is…lolss I only know like one top model and that would be JJH but that doesnt mean much lolss

  4. iloverain said

    it’s ok my ‘rain’…u still got me..i’ll wait for u like a slave…

  5. bernadette said

    well it’s ok… in showbiz that mostly in relationships …that can happen..well both of them are busy not having much time with each other… i understand rain.. coz ive been there also.. im just a student but it can happen to anybody…

    go on to your life… search and search… you’ll see one day she’ll appear right infront of you.. for now enjoy your life being single…

    saranghamnida jihoonsshii..

  6. yi shin said

    _…annyong hasaeyo bi!..

  7. yi shin said

    _..annyong hasaeyo bi!.. i love your acting in full house….you and song hye kyu are very compatible to each other._more power to your career..! I really wanna see you in person,but i cant..,coz am here in the philippines and your in korea…well,maybe someday we gonna see each other…gudluck!

  8. Nanditha said

    Oh Rain!! I’m really dying to see you!! I wish i could give all this love i’ve stored for you one day! I love you to bits! N’ you are the only thing that’s on my mind!!

  9. amjk said

    i like ur acting n i think ur best partner is song hye kyo.u 2 r good looking n compatible 2 each other.

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