Dong Bang Shinki, ‘Say-No’ Prevent Smoking Finale

DBSK performed the last ‘세이노(Say-No)’ prevention of smoking music video series.

 The 2008 Prevention of Smoking campaign ‘Say No, Save Life!‘  has created this campaign for the good of the public and to do so, they got stars to participate which caused a lot of attention. They wanted to, through music video, successfully get the message out to the people especially the teens about how second hand smoking is very dangerous.

The prevention of smoking music video series included all the greatest popular stars. Beginning with Super Junior, then Wonder Girls, V.O.S, Epik High, Davichi, Seo Inyoung, Shinee, Nam Gyuri, Big Bang, Cool, Shin Hyesung, F.T. Island, Kara, 2PM, Brown Eyed Girls.

The last part of the series by DBSK was aired publicly on the 26th during a pop song program. You can see this on the ’세이노(Say No)‘ prevention of smoking campaign homepage (

Korean Article: 동방신기, ‘Say-No’ 금연송 피날레 장식



  1. seri said

    i find this ironic, since yuchun still smokes hahah

  2. bro said

    lol maybe that’s why his sticker’s the smallest

  3. nuu said


  4. mimiejay said

    yeah.. i find it …

    i wish they stopped too!

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