Yoobin – Kim Jong Kook “Yoobin’s Mother is a huge fan of Kim Jong Kook!”

Wonder Girls and Kim Jongkook will appear on the coming 3rd’s broadcast of MBC’s ‘유재석 김원희의 놀러와 (Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee’s Come To Play)’.

What was pinpointed at in this broadcast was in the ‘Come to Play Love Studio’ section in which Wonder Girls member would be coupled with Kim Jong Kook.

During the impromptu couple selection, Yoobin revealed that her own mother is a ardent fan of Kim Jong Kook. What also attracted attention was when Yoobin called her mother during the show since she is such a huge fan.

But in reality Yoobin surprisingly admitted that “I was a big huge fan of Sechskies.”

And just like that, when the netizens were asked which Wonder Girls member wouldbe paired with Kim Jong Kook, they predicted that “Yoobin will be the one”. Even more than that, they added “Is it that Yoobin’s mother and him are going to be paired together?” and they are making other nonsensical presumptions.

Korean Article: 유빈-김종국 “유빈 어머니 김종국의 광팬!”


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  1. kirra12 said

    XD LOL didnt he say previously he wants to meet WG and Soshi?
    Hahhhahahaha *dreams come true*

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