Kim Shinyoung, “I’m friendly with Suju’s Kim Heechul and SNSD”

‘Kim Shinyoung, I’m friendly with Suju’s Kim Heechul and Soshi.’

Gagwoman Kim Shinyoung is gaining attention because she admitted to being close friends with Super Junior’s pretty boy member Kim Heechul.

On  ‘무한걸스 (Muhan Girls)’ which aired on the 31st, Kim Shinyoung said “I talked with Kim Heechul day to day often.” This caused a lot of attention.

During dinner time, Shin Bongsun went to Kim Shinyoung. Shin Bongsun asked Kim Shinyoung “Is there a star that you meet or talk with often?” She replied “I’m friendly with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and SoNyuhShidae”. She bragged by mentioning “If I’m really friend with the idols, I talked to them through video calling.” Also she added “I even ask SNSD’s members Sunny, Taeyeon, or Jessica to buy me dinner”.

In other news, Kim Shinyoung has currently lost 10 kg (22 pounds) through diet and is greeting the audience in a much cute and refreshing way.

Korean Article: 김신영, “난 슈주 김희철과 소시와도 친하다”



  1. bro said

    lol i love ksy! she’s hilarious! aw but why don’t you ask sooyoung to buy you dinnerrrrrr 😦

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  3. eysiem said

    wasn’t she heechul’s “girlfriend” in rainbow romance? if so, it isn’t surprising that she’s close with i also saw a clip where she helped heechul when he was doing his manwon haengbok’s really fun to see the two of them together ’cause they’re both witty & funny..

    go shinyoung~!! ^___^v

  4. Peps said

    Yeah, SHinyoung and Heechul did RR together, so it’s not really surprising. xD

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