Xiah Junsu – Cursing during ‘Come To Play’ recieves critisism

↑Xiah Junsu on MBC’s  ‘Come to Play’

On the 27th, DBSK who appeared on MBC’s ‘Yoo Jaesuk + Kim Wonhee’s Come to Play’ were asked to send a friend or acquaintance ‘What do I mean to you??’ as a text and see what kind of reply they would get. Uknow Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Micky Yoochun recieved replies. But Xiah Junsu who messaged actor Im Daeho, didn’t recieve a reply back.

MC Kim Wonhee suggested that Xiah Junsu, who was sitting around with a long face, message his older twin brother. Xiah Junsu sent to his hyung “Hyung, I love you”. As soon as he sent it, he got a message back that said “Why are you being like that, All of the sudden?” and he even got a call back.

Xiah Junsu picked up his hyung’s call and asked “What do I mean to you hyung?”. Xiah Junsu told everyone exactly what his hyung said. His hyung kept repeatingly asking, “Seriously? or jokingly?”.  And then he replied “My alter ego” “CrazyXX”. Because it was a voice through the phone, Xiah Junsu’s hyung’s curse was heard all around.

To this, the viewers who saw the show told off the producers saying that they just released it without any editting. “At the time it was funny to watch but honestly, you shouldn’t let words like that be heard during broadcast.”, “You should have editted in a “‘Beep-‘ sound.”. ” Just because you put in captions doesn’t mean we can’t hear it”.

To this critisism, Shin Jungsoo PD explained “We didn’t cut it out because it was something a hyung said to his dongseng and it was a very fun moment” Also that “It was said in a joking way and so we didn’t think it’d be a problem”.

Korean Article: 시아준수 ‘놀러와’ 방송중 욕설 논란



  1. uknowlover2 said


  2. Di said

    haha yeah seiously i agree with uknowlover2….. ummm some ppl might be BUSY? and not have their phones with them 24/7?

  3. Afiqah said

    aww…come on? its his brother
    And it was said it a joking way since they asked truthfully first
    and his brother said he was his other self
    so sad this thing became an issue…
    cause i think i would say that to my twins too if i have one

  4. zaziza said

    come on…it is between family….
    not the outsiders…
    it should be understandable…
    it shows how close he and his brother..
    besides, he must be unaware that his hyung will say that..right???
    i just love xiah anyway..no! i love them all…. =)

  5. Enenntex said

    my god this is stupid!! first its his sibling and second its his twin!! i mean i think twins would swear at each other all the time, its not a big deal!!

  6. kirra12 said

    -.- wad? he was just reenacting D:

  7. PaniE said

    it’s really not a big deal…

    and micky also did it when he talked about junjin on KBS SDY’s champagne..


  8. lita said

    geee..it isnt a biggie….its a way siblings express their love to another. ahaaa

  9. aitsukame said

    tsssss.can’t they just leave junsu alone?? i watched it and i didn’t see anything vulgar about it…

  10. angeljx said

    seriously. its not even considered cursing since its in a joking manner. viewers should not even watched this comedy show if they cant lighten up abit. man…seriously. these ppl have some issues

  11. michelle said

    wow, wth seriously?

    I’m not being biased or anything, but it’s not even that big of a deal!
    if it was some stranger or even maybe someone not that close to junsu, who said that, maybe that’s worth editing, but IT’S JUNSU’S BROTHER! c’mon, obviously it would be a joke!
    gosh. >.<

  12. ZN said

    OMG, this has become an issue now? HAHA. It’s not even a big deal! Sheesh~ I swear alot to my sister too.
    Who on earth were “the viewers” who told the pd. They seriously have no humours at all. LOL.

  13. jina said

    well, what is wrong with the viewers? Yeah, no sense of humor at all. >_>
    Besides, it’s a brother thing to each other. God. That’s stupid. >_>

  14. ivy said

    oh wow, korean people have no sense of humor what so ever!
    over in the state seriously, if the world bitch can air anything over there should air too especially, i heard it’s bastard? what junsu’s hyung said.,..

  15. Evan said

    HE HAD A TWIN!?!?!?? gosh… do they looook totally alike? sorry, i’m slow… but, GOSH… HE HAS A TWIN?!?!?!!?!?

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