Dong Bang Shinki “There is a way to deal with 악플 (mean comments)”

Dong Bang Shinki tells us the way they deal with 악(literally means evil) 플( short for 리플 which means Reply)

On MBC’s ‘Come To Play’, DBSK’s Uknow Yunho said they were terrorized before saying that “Back then, an extreme fan posted an mean comment on the internet that said ‘Didn’t they purposely do that to themselves so that they don’t have to go to the army?'” They revealed that “We just wanted to let it pass by but because of that and other comments, we were really upset about it.”

Following that Youngwoong Jaejoong told us the solution to that which was “We sometimes look on the internet but whenever we see posted mean comments, we don’t read it at all.” Xiah Junsu added “There’s stuff about us but when the other stars (because of mean comments) privacy isn’t protected or if they get hurt, we know how they feel.” “At times like that, we also feel hurt. ‘Shouldn’t we try to protect each other in cases like this?’ We have posted replies to the comments saying that before.”.

It aired on the 27th at 11:15PM.

Korean Article: 동방신기 “악플에 대처하는 방법 있다”



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  2. Enenntex said

    did they do what to them selves so they didnt go to the army??

    my god, some people are really extreme, if you dont like someone then leave them alone, its sad sending hate mail and comments!!

    DBSK lots of people love you read all the good mail!!


  3. kirra12 said

    well, its true tt it really hurts readin mean comments. D:
    anyways, its a good thing they haf each other for support

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