Super Junior, 1 second Cameo on ‘별순검’ (Byul Soon Gum)

Popular group Super Junior Happy (a.k.a Suju) made a surprise cameo appearance in MBC Dramanet’s ‘별순검’ (Byul Soon Gum) for a 1 second. Suju appeared on the 6th episode of ‘별순검’ 5 which aired in Korea on the 18th at 11.

The role Super Junior was given was as guards. If you look at the picture above, you can see the two just standing there behind Lee Jong Hyuk, Park Kwang Hyun, Lee Chungah. Of course they didn’t have any lines and the time that they were on screen was short.

It’s strange that the current popular group would appear in a Chosun times historical piece and also because of the fact that they were extras for 1 second is the reason why it’s recieveing so much attention.

After Lee Jaemoon PD said “They weren’t originally going to be on for only a second. When we were in the editting process it just ended up that way.” Also “We originally had about 3 minutes where you could spot them.”

As soon as this was told, Super Junior fans, even from before the broadcast got ready to play ‘Find the hidden picture’ game. Super Junior’s apperance on MBCeveryone’s ‘별순검 (Byul Soon Gum)’  was also linked with ‘떴다 그녀 (Dduh da guh nyuh – Idol star Show)’ labelling it as a ‘별순검 (Byul Soon Gum) Special’  and you saw them filming as well as the whole set (Kyungkido Pochun Daejin High School grounds).

Korean Article: 슈퍼주니어, 1초 카메오로 ‘별순검’ 출연 화제



  1. Afiqah said

    that one episode must had become higher rating because of super junior

  2. bro said

    i can’t see anything! lol how sad

  3. bumble said

    i watched the video twice…
    didnt see
    ders onlii two?
    which two?
    dis is funny.

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