‘Surprise Stage on the 18th’ Lee Junghyun, Will make her comeback with her 7th album next April

Singer plus actress Lee Junghyun will release her 7th album next April and return to the stage.

Lee Junghyun’s company Yedang Entertainment on the 17th released that “Next April she will return with her 7th album.” Lee Junghyun said through her company that “I’m dealing with creating my 7th album as well as a movie sceanrio at the moment.” “I will stand in front of all the fans with my new great work and music soon.”

On the 18th at 7PM at Jeju’s World Cup Gym, Lee Junghyun made a surprise apperance at the ‘Korea, China Friendship Concert 16th year Special’ and showed to her fans that she will perform as a singer soon once again. That day, Lee Junghyun performed her hit song  ‘미쳐 (Crazy)’ and from her new Chinese album’s title song  ‘러브 미 (Love Me)’ in Chinese.

KBS and China’s CCTV will show the ‘The 10th Korea, China Pop Festival’ Lee Junghyun as well as 동방신기 (DBSK) , 인순이 (Insoonee), 소녀시대(SNSD), 샤이니 (Shinee), 천이신 (Chun Leeshin), 아신 (Ahshin), 한홍(Hanhong). These stars represented Korean and China. This will be released on the 26th on KBS 1TV and will be released in 3 installments to all of China through CCTV.

Korean Article: ’18일 깜짝무대’ 이정현, 내년 4월 7집으로 컴백


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