Shindong’s mistake “Coffee’s One cup of Jadu(Plum)?”

Because of Shindong’s mistake, there have been a flood of responses from netizens.

Shindong who hosts MBC’s FM ‘Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Shim Shim Tapa’, mistakingly introduced ‘자두(Jadu’s)’ ‘커피한잔(One cup of coffee)’ as ‘커피(Coffee’s)’ ‘One cup of Jadu(plum)’.

The listeners of the show that were listening at the time posted encouraging messages sayings that Shindong’s mistake was very funny.

Immediately after the programs end, on the message board, they expressed their reactions saying “The fact that he couldn’t realize his mistake until the end was very cute”, “I think he made the mistake since he couldn’t check the script correctly because he has so many different things to do in his schedule.”, “Oppa, stay strong. 화이팅(Fighting)”

Korean Article: 신동실수 “커피의 자두 한 잔?”



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  2. eunice said

    ooo shindong d dong dong! so cute!XD!

  3. kiirohana said


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