Male stars who are prettier than girls?

‘Male Stars who are prettier than girls’

Who was the winner? This UCC video was uploaded onto the internet and it is grabbing a lot of attention.

This UCC video introduced the 5 top stars that have pretty than women appearance.
5th was Dong Bang Shinki’s Youngwoon Jaejoong with this pretty eyes and pale white skin.
Following him in 4th place was FT Island’s Lee Hongki with his pale clear skin and his cute eye smile.
Lee Junki was got famous from King and the Clown was 3rd place.
2nd place was Super Junior’s Kim Heechul
The greatly expected #1 was Kim Hyesung who recieved a lot of love from his ‘Pretty boy’ image.

Netizens who saw the video said “If they really wanted, so many of them could be much prettier than girls. I’m envious.”, “If I said that they were prettier than my girlfriend, I’d get in trouble right?”, “But men need to have a manly feeling to be charming”. There were a variety of more responses.

Korean Article: 여자보다 예쁜 남자 탤런트는?



  1. bro said

    hmm i kinda think that kimhyesung is the manliest-looking of the lot but the rest i totally agree with lol oh & wheesung in the recent cd cover of his lol

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  3. CHA said

    i think heechul should be no 1.. he is incredicle..

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