For 2 bags of Shin ramen, you can see the Wonder Girls and DBSK for free?

On November 9th, at 4 PM at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnasium, the ‘2008 사랑나눔콘서트 (Sharing Love Concert)’ if you bring 2 shin ramens to the concert, then you can get into the concert for free. Starting from 2000, the ‘사랑나눔콘서트 (Sharing Love Concert)’ will be participating in their 9th concert this time around.

This time around, 동방신기 (DBSK)ㆍ소녀시대(SNSD)ㆍ원더걸스 (Wonder Girls) and more than 20 other top singers will participate at this concert. Through these stars, they hope to show teens the meaning of contributing to helping others and hope to achieve their plan in showing people to spread love.

Through this years ‘사랑나눔콘서트(Sharing Love Concert)’, Nongshim hopes to be able to have at least 1,000박스 to deliver out. Through this sponsership, Nongshim has been active in donating to neighborhoods and spreading out love. Up to last year, their 8th sharing lover concert, they’ve delivered about 11,500 boxes, which is a total of 340,000 bags of ramen.

You can sign up to receive a ticket to participate for the Sharing Love concert on the Nongshim homepage ( The tickets are split into regular seats and special seats. After you sign up to have a regular seat, you can immediately download it. To get special seats, you have to go to the Sharing Love concert homepage and go to their blog (  and those who subscribed to the event will be picked in a lottery.

Nongshim’s president says “Through the Sharing Love concert that is held each year, Nongshim hopes to teach teens to donate to their neighborhoods and to work hard in doing so. ” Also “From now on, the Sharing Love volunteers and Nongshim will keep working together, and so that it will really be meaningful we will hold many events in different cities so that all of Korea can work hard altogether to create and live a healthy, happy life”.

Korean Article: 신라면 2봉지면 원더걸스ㆍ동방신기 콘서트 표가 공짜?


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