‘Wonder Girls’ Sohee “I really want to OOO when I have a boyfriend”

Wonder Girls youngest Sohee said that when she gets a boyfriend she wants to be ‘held’ by them.

Sohee guested starred on KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ and when the MC asked her ‘What is the kind of skinship you want to do with your boyfriend??’ She replied “I want to run and jump into my boyfriends arms and have him hold him.” This reply caused a lot of interest from the male guest stars.

This day the other Wonder Girls who also appeared said what they wanted. Leader Sunye said  “I want to hold onto my boyfriends hand as we walk down the street and eat 떡볶이 (dukbokki – spicy rice cakes)”. Yeeun said “I want to try holding a romantic pose just like the movie  ‘타이타닉(Titantic)’”. In addition, Yoobin said “I want to hugmy boyfriend really tightly.” This response shocked everybody there.

Korean Article: ‘원더걸스’ 소희 “남자친구와 OOO 꼭 하고 싶어요”



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  2. Derin said

    haha funny

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