Shinee sings ‘Dong Bang Shinki’s 주문(Mirotic) in their own version

Young boy group Shinee sang DBSK’s ‘주문(Mirotic)’ which is becoming the topic of everyones conversation.

On the 15th, Shinee appeared on MBC Radio ‘Shindong-Kim Shinyoung’s Shim Shim Tapa’ and at the live corner, they sang Dong Bang Shinki’s 4th album’s title song  ‘주문 (Mirotic)’.

Shinee’s performed just as well as their same company seniors but they showed the song with own special voices which had a different appeal to it. Especially since the 5 members Onyoo, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, and Key split the song into their own parts and performed little parts of the dance which created the amazing Shinee version of ‘주문 (Mirotic)’.

The fans are reacting by saying “It feels like it was originally Shinees song”, “I think they sang it with more effort than their own song.”, “Their voices are the best”.

Korean Article: ‘동방신기’ 주문, 샤이니 버전으로 재탄생



  1. michelle said

    The fans are reacting by saying “It feels like it was originally Shinees song”, “I think they sang it with more effort than their own song.”, “Their voices are the best”.

    i happen to disagree w/ that. buh’ that’s just my opinion. lol(:

  2. Peps said

    I don’t think they should have sang that, Taemin isn’t even 16 yet o.O That song doesn’t suit them, but they sung it well. I just wish they hadn’t played DBSk in the background while they sang…

  3. Pauli said

    Shinee the next DBSK? o_O

  4. Afiqah said

    it was great!
    since they still new…they have a long way till they reach 4 years like dbsk
    which the best for them!

  5. funkypicklez said

    they sang it really really well
    for a band taht just debuted
    i really like their voice
    i really do think that shinee could be the next tvxq….

  6. OMG-_- said

    Seriously people, is it that bad to sing someone else’s song? I mean, hello? They are all singers and in the same company. Stop criticizing SHINee, they love and respect other artists.

  7. metoo said

    These guys are really good especially knowing how young they are! the one on the far left has a really good voice!

  8. hmm said

    SHINee definitely were not bad. There were some serious similarities, especially between the boys that sang jaejoong, yoochun and changmin…

    However, lets not blow this out of proportion.

    A) they were playing DBSK in the background… which means no matter how loudly they sang, we can still faintly hear DBSK’s original voices overlap… which means when we hear the similarity, it may not even BE as similar as we think since we are still listening (somewhat) to the original.

    B) if they didn’t sing it with effort, i doubt they would sound even remotely close to the original… which makes sense for ALL SINGERS that sing others songs… you want to come as close to the original as possible.

    C) like i said, they were definitely good but that doesn’t mean they are ‘the best’. for example, the boy (and he definitely was still a BOY) that sang changmin’s part often went out of tune… and not on purpose either.

    As for Shinee being the next DBSK… I wouldn’t go that far, not until I hear more of this Shinee.

    However, since this is getting to be a biased essay for DBSK (>.<), I can DEFINITELY say, these boys have got some raw potential. Now they just need to polish their skills. Once they do, they’ll be scary.

  9. KrazyKaz said

    I love shinee but i think DBSk sing this better. don’t get me wrong, shinee did a great job but the song just isn’t them, for godsakes taemin is my little sisters age. the song is just wrong for them.

  10. Jennie said

    They are in the same company and in my opinion I think DBSK sang it better. But SHINee did do a really good job.

  11. maggie said

    i dont think we should compare the two groups. even if its on the same song.
    taemins still like 15 calm down.

    shinee isnt the next dbsk. nor should they be compared to dbsk. they are two completely different groups with different people and different voices.

    i think theyre trying so hard in this song because they dont want dbsk to be like oh snap. there goes our song. if shinee slacked off on dbsk’s song, what would dbsk’s impression of shinee be?

  12. SHINeeLover said

    ok, shinee did good and i personally, PERSONALLY, think they did better with the song. The expression ‘they’re the best’ is just an opinion people! calm down plus it might take a while till they’ll be as advanced as dbsk so please dont compare those two. Shinee hasnt even existed for even a year… i think, if so, a little more than a year. we’ll see how they turn out! till then, 파이팀~ (did i spell it right?)

  13. akiss4you said

    personally i think they did pretty good singing this song ^^
    there were simularites but they didnt sing it the same way.if you listened carefully there were diffenatly some changes lol

    they didnt debut that long ago haha
    still pretty noobies in the world 😉

    i dont think people should compare or say shinee is the next dbsk.there wont even be a second anything lol. shinee is shinee.dbsk is dbsk.( i love both of these groups and i hate when people compare).

    i have to say that taemin’s vocals arent as strong by come on! he’s only 15! hes a lot better than a lot of singers that dance to difficult choreography and moi xDD

  14. Jiayu said

    even tho i’m fans of both SHINee and DBSK, i’d still say that DBSK sings it better..but i still like the way SHINee sang it also! 🙂

  15. korean-do said

    they are putting more effort to this song cos they dont want to let their sunbaes down! haha, which is a amazing job done 😀
    haha, they’re live is awesome 😀

  16. Lala said

    okay…I know this is really late, but I just couldn’t help myself. o(>.<)o
    since it's dbsk's song…it's only natural that dbsk would be better. So…there's absolutely no point in stating the obvious. ^^
    ~I must say, our boys(shinee) have come a long way. ❤

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