Hweesung, Holding a man and woman personality, he releases his new album image…”I thought it was a woman!”

Singer Wheesung released his new album image.

The latest from Hweesung was the 2 pictures of his extreme transformation for his newest album on his homepage (www.orangeshock.co.kr/wheesung_6th). Because of this, expectations for his new album are high.

The picture that was released holds a woman’s softness and a man’s strength which is gaining a lot of interest among the netizens. Netizens say “After seeing the pictures, I even more curious about what kind of concept this coming album will be.”, “The anticipation for the new album is rising infinitely”. Of course the anticipation about the new album is expected but about the pictures they said “It’s worthy of a fashion pictorial cover”, “I thought it was a woman for a second”. The pictures also recieved a variety of other responses also.

Wheesung’s company says “We haven’t decided if the pictures we released will be the jacket image for his album or not”. In addition they explained that, “But the new album has the Hweesung that everybody knows him as, as well as the sides of him that haven’t been seen yet”.

Wheesung is nearly finished with the creation of his new album and on the coming November 8~9th, he is preparing to hold a seperate concert called ‘2008WHEESHOW’.

Korean Article: 휘성, 남녀 분위기 공존 새 앨범 이미지 공개…”여자인 줄 알았잖아!”



  1. bro said

    i think A LOT of people thought he was a chick. love you & your music wheesung, but hate the photo.

  2. Afiqah said

    That was a shock!
    then i read the title oh….OH?!!!
    Kinda give me nightmare when I look at the photo xD

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