Shinhwa’s M (Lee Minwoo)’s surprising news “Shinhwa was originally 7 members”

Singer M revealed a behind story about the creation of the group Shinhwa.

Lee Minwoo revealed on KBS 2TV ‘Cider’ which aired the 28th that “Shinhwa was originially 7 members”. Minwoo said “Before debut, me and a friend from my hometown who used to dance with me, came up here and ended up participating in a dance contest.” “At that time, we caught the eyes of a manager and that’s how we became trainees.” Following that he added, “Eric, Andy, and Shin Hyesung, who he met at that competition, along with Kim Dongwan and Junjin, who were added into the group later, and Minwoo and his friend made up the 7 members and for a year they practiced with much difficulty. ”

“After a year of training, the manager said the group ‘Shinhwa’ was going to debut but it was declared that it was as ‘6 members’” And thinking about it, Minwoo remembers that it was a really shocking and unbelievable situation. Minwoo who was shocked that what he knew, that the 7 of them were going to debut together, and the fact that the friend from his hometown wasn’t in the group anymore caused him to say “Then I also won’t be able to participate in this group either”.

“That friend who couldn’t sleep because he was so filled with anguish said to me ‘You will do well. Stay strong. Fill the space where I won’t be’” He expressed his thanks to his friend by adding “Because of that friend, the Lee Minwoo you see is here now.”

Korean Article: M 이민우 신화 탄생 비밀 폭로 “신화 원래 7명”



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  3. Joan said

    I remember reading another article about this.
    I wonder how the other looked like and if he’s still in the company.

  4. Afiqah said

    It must have been hard for him for a while back there….
    He really did become strong because of that
    I think…

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