DBSK is experiencing sexual harrassment from their fans?

DBSK confessed that their fans do skinship to them on a sexual harassment level.

On KBS <Happy Together Season 3> which aired on the 9th, DBSK, who were the guests, said wherever they went they had bad experiences with fans who touch everywhere from their face, arms, legs, and butt.

That day, Micky Yoochun and Uknow Yunho who also appeared alongside Youngwoong Jaejoong also confessed that “The members each found out where they get touched the most especially. For Xiah Junsu, it’s the butt. For me, it’s the chest and arms. It’s not even like they are touching lightly, they touch to the point that they are almost massaging which shocked us more than just a few times. This caused the people there to be surprised.

In addition, Uknow Yunho said that there have been times that people, even very old people, have grabbed him by his chin like a dog and shook him around.

Korean Link: 동방신기, 팬들로부터 성희롱 당했다?



  1. […]  I freaked out when DBSK members said something about their fans touching their bodies on Happy Together.If you don’t know what the hell is going on,read this article: http://sarcasticlyazn.wordpress.com/2008/10/11/stop-molesting-dbskfans/ and this: https://gomdoriii.wordpress.com/2008/10/13/dbsk-is-experiencing-sexual-harrassment-start-from-their-f… […]

  2. Afiqah said

    They are like crazy!
    Its like the opposite!
    Girls these day are getting…..um…..
    Blues in their head about their favorite artist xD

  3. zie said

    why can’t their fans just give them some respect??
    why must they do special gestures when they meet dbsk?
    dong bang members will surely feel uncomfortable with these kind of fans.
    i agreed with afiqah. girls these days are getting.. hermph~ 🙂

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