Yoogun + Solbi “They both have feelings for each other?”

Yoogun and Solbi expressed that they have an interest in each other.

On the latest KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’, which aired on the 11th at 5:20, Yoogun and Solbi,who both were guests on the show, established a love line with each other.

MC Ji Sukjin asked Solbi “Between Kang Sungjin and Yoogun, who would you want to date? She replied “I wanted to date Kang Sungjin sshi.” Then she surprisingly said “I can date Yoogun sshi anytime.”

Solbi’s honest and unstoppable words caused Yoogun to have a shocked expression on his face.

After Solbi boasted about how she was so sexy and full of charm and sang ‘Do it Do it’, in which Yoogun confessed “I like Solbi sshi,”

Hearing this, Solbi said “I have feelings for him.” And thus created the surprisingly love line.

Korean Article: “유건 솔비 서로가 좋아하는 마음 있다?”



  1. querubin said

    pffft. whatever happened to anbi? gone so soon? T_T

  2. CryStal said

    i noe! i thought she like andy! oh well..maybe its just for entertainment! but really missed anbi in wgm! 😦

  3. sammy said

    Seriously what happened to Andy? That was pretty quick

  4. enenntex said

    !!??? on we got married she was soo attached to him(Andy)

    was he fogotten so soon?

  5. huayu said

    i think she just wants to move on from Andy
    i do miss the anbi couple but I think it is good that she can forget him, if she doesn’t she’ll just end up getting hurt

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