Micky Yoochun’s humiliating strange comic makeup – He fails to make Park Myungsoo laugh again + After the broadcast, he reveals “I’m having a hard time because of the plancards”!


Dong Bang Shinki’s Micky Yoochun revealed that he had a hard time at performanced because of the plan cards that people were holding up.

Yoochun ended up being humiliated again when he failed to make Park Myungsoo laugh for the second time.

DBSK’s Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, and Uknow Yunho appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together Season 3’ on the 9th. Last time they appeared on Happy Together in February at at that time, he also had to do the Make Park Myungsoo laugh corner.

After that incident, where as the fans in Korea wave their balloon around, the fans in Asia wave their picture which they stick to a plancard. The fans changed their plan cards to his strange makeupped picture and waved it around at their performances.

“When the fans wave that picture around, I can’t get a feel for the ballad that we’re suppose to sing” And he and Shin Bongsun did a real life imitation of the scene which caused a bunch of laughs.

To make up for his failure the time before, he upgraded his comical makeup and sang their debut song 허그(HUG) while glaring right at Park Myungsoo but he still failed to make Park Myungsoo laugh.


Korean Article: 믹키유천고백 “엽기 사진 플랜카드때문에 힘든적 있다”

Korean Article: 믹키유천굴욕 엽기코믹 분장에도 박명수 웃겨라 또 실패



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  2. querubin said

    micky is so funny lmao XD PMS must really be holding it in if micky’s ridiculous make up doesnt make him laugh…twice!

    that was a really good episode 🙂

  3. Afiqah said

    haha poor of micky!
    he tried his best xD
    PMS must have hold hard not to laugh actually!

  4. […] while glaring right at Park Myungsoo but he still failed to make Park Myungsoo laugh. Credit: gomdoriii Source: Yahoo Korea News Repost from: AEU.net __________________ Hiru No Tsuki – Akino Arai […]

  5. thanh nhan said

    my email is tim_is_number_one@yahoo.com
    i want to become your friend
    I am a cass in VIETNAMESE
    I love micky
    and you
    can you give me micky’s blog because i can’t find it
    thanks you

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