Lee Minwoo’s surprising confession “Kim Shinyoung is my ideal type”

Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo revealed that Kim Shinyoung is his ideal type.

Minwoo, who had brought a friend on the show MBC‘s ‘Introducing Stars Friends’, said “I had difficulty choosing between Kim Shinyoung and Shin Bongsun”. Following that he confessed that Kim Shinyoung was his ideal typel.

Kim Shinyoung asked him again “If there were only 2 women left in the world what would you do??” Lee Minwoo replied “I would pick Kim Shinyoung sshi” which caused shocked from everybody around. And Shinyoung with a haughty attitude replied “I’ll think about it first”. This caused a sea of laughter.

This episode of ‘Introducing Stars Friends’ aired last month on the 14th at 5:25 PM and the guests were Lee Minwoo, Jung Sungwoon, Boom, Kim Shinyoung, Bae Seulki, and Park Youngrin.

Korean Article: 이민우, 깜짝 고백 “김신영은 내 이상형이다”



  1. bro said

    i have this lovehate relationship with minwoo lol sometimes he seems to arrogant & UGH but then other times he’s just too sweet & awesome lol

  2. diana said

    LMAO yay minwoo 🙂

  3. Afiqah said

    okay that is funny xD
    I’ll think about it first
    If it was me maybe it took a while only to think haha

  4. Angie said

    I always thought that MinWoo had a thing for Jo Jung Rin. There was a way about him when he was with her that I didn’t see with anybody else. The way he smiled and the way he looked at her it was different. It’s hard to describe what it was but there was something there.

  5. I Love Your Site. Practically every post makes me crack up, ponder, and learn something.

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