2PM’s first fan signing since their debut, “So thankful to the fans”

‘Performance Boy Ban’ 2PM held their first fan signing.

2PM, who is receiving increasing love due to their debut title song ‘10점 만점에 10점 (10 Points out of 10)’, had their first single album celebration on the 6th at Jamsil Kyobo Bookstore.

That day at the fan signing, 250 fans gathered in total but the first 150fans, who purchased the album, were able to shake hands and talk with them.

In the queue of the many people who came to meet 2PM, there were girl fans who were in their 10’s (10-19 years old), noona (older sister) fans in their 20’s, and also male fans. Seeing the diversity, it was obvious to tell that they have been gaining popularity.

Also the fans that came to the fan signing went up to their own favorite member and presented them with gifts with their name on it such as dolls, plan cards, and to be original framed oil paintings which they drew themselves. 2PM felt very touched receiving these gifts.

2PM said “We always met the fans on stage but now we met them for the first time face to face at the fan signing so we’re very happy”.  They also said “We’re very thankful to the fans that came to the fan signing to  find us, 2PM, and we hope that there are many more chances to meet again”.

Korean link: 2PM, “너무 고마운 팬들”…데뷔 첫 팬 싸인회 갖어



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