Wang Biho, who is known for saying stinging remarks, raises the white flag to the DBSK fans “I lost. Stop bothering me” His declaration of surrender

Wang Biho, who said some bad, abusive things about DBSK, finally raised his white flag to DBSK’s fans.

On KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert’, which aired on the 5th, in the ‘Peach Village School’ corner, Wang Biho said “There is still a lot of talk over the things I said about DBSK.” “I must put a complete stop to all that talk”.  Last month, on the September 21st broadcast of ‘Peach Village School’, Wang Biho stingingly remarked “DBSK’s fanclub Cassiopeia has over 800,000 member so why are only 100,000 albums being sold?” This caused a lot of criticism.

Then Wang Biho screamed out “Hey! DBSK fans!”. Then said “I lost. Don’t bother me” declaring his surrender. Then he said “On my guest book, they posted a couple 10,000 posts so I couldn’t even read it all ” explaining his difficulties

In other news, Wang Biho surprisingly showed a picture that he took with DBSK a few days before. Wang Biho said “This is the head office of DBSK’s company. Can you imagine how many of Shinee, SNSD, Super Junior, and DBSK’s fans were outside?” He said proudly, “I pushed my way in”.

Following that he complimented them saying, “DBSK was really very amazing. They are really something. They see gag as only gag.” But in turn, he said, “To make them work harder to become like Big Bang I gave them a flash card that said ‘I ♥ Big Bang’” As he said that, he showed the audience a picture of DBSK recieving the flashcard in a unbelievable way. That caused a lot of laughter from the audience.

Korean Article: 독설 왕비호 동방신기팬에 백기들었다 “내가 졌어. 괴롭히지마” 항복선언



  1. someone said

    in your face!!!!
    i love these gag man!!!
    he’s a proud VIP even if it meant like living like a dead man!

  2. •AmY• said

    poor this guyXD

  3. Petra said

    Iaha he’s funny.. but I most point out that the picture he took with the boys, could hardly have been taken “a few days before” Their hairstyles have not been that way for several months.. well I guess no one cares about that.^^;

  4. Peps said

    That stinks for him, I love him he’s so funny. Some fans are so harsh.

  5. Emma said

    He is funny .. i like him

    V.i.p go ~ ~ !

  6. MyMai said

    lol he has a point. shame cassiopians couldn’t see the joke.

  7. Afiqah said

    cassiopeia is a shame…
    they cant take a gag as a gag….
    and i think the last thing they ever understand about a gag is nothing!
    they should be a bit open and abt the album is kinda true

  8. said

    tnx for the article Wang Biho ftw ^^ hehehehe

  9. jess said

    “To make them work harder to become like Big Bang I gave them a flash card that said ‘I ♥ Big Bang’”

    Omg that part cracks me up…hahahahah

  10. XxX said

    LOL.. LOVE HIM!!!

  11. Nia said

    Cassiopeia are saaaad. It’s just a joke. Out of so many people, how can none of them have a sense of humour?? :/
    VIP. ❤

  12. gelatin said

    omona, i love this gag man.. ❤
    i didn’t expect some cass to take his stinging remarks to dbsk so seriously. it’s known in korea that it’s just his way of comedy. poor him recieving 10,000 posts..

    good thing he’s still alive. LOL.

  13. Angel said

    Well I wonder what VIP’s would have done if he made fun of VIP’s and Big Bang? LOL

  14. […] by coolsmurf Wang Biho is a famous gagman on KBS2TV Gag Concert who is perhaps known to many for making fun of DBSK last October and drew flak from their Cassiopeia fanclub, prompting him to ‘raise the white […]

  15. fabulicious said

    ur kidding right?
    DBSK should work harder to become like Big Bang???
    that was too much…

    cassiopeia was funny but this one is too much. DBSK definitely has overcome way more hardships then big bang, and to say that you should work harder to become like big bang…?

  16. jyyjc said

    what…? is he kidding? to make them work harder to become like big bang!?!?

  17. kw said

    And above are two more who can’t take jokes. xP

    Honestly, what makes his remarks so “stinging” yet so funny is that what he says is true. What he can do is make fun of those things…I don’t see why the fans can’t just laugh it off like the joke it’s intended to be. It’s true…800,000+ members, and only 100,000 copies sold? And the thing about Big Bang…the point of it is that DBSK was absent from the kpop scene for a REALLY long time last year because they were busy doing SO MUCH in Japan. During that span of time, Big Bang was everywhere…that’s a big part of the joke. You can’t say it’s not true, but he’s just making light of it.

    Despite that, DBSK was able to go back near the end of the year and STILL hit #1, so I don’t see what the fans are getting so upset about. They should follow the examples of their own idols and not take a *joke* so seriously…and be proud of what DBSK *has* achieved in such a short amount of time since their return. xP If they weren’t so popular or such a success, this guy wouldn’t be talking about them anyway.

  18. […] by aitsukame Wang Biho is a famous gagman on KBS2TV Gag Concert who is perhaps known to many for making fun of DBSK last October and drawing flak from their Cassiopeia fanclub, prompting him to ‘raise the white […]

  19. iris said

    LOL …~ yup!!! n agree… not overdoing it, gag is still juz a gag.. why so abruptly being abusive to a small matter fans(??) ???

  20. hi =] said

    Wow, I couldn’t recognize him at all in his normal clothes :O

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