MTV Countdown ‘2000’s Super Idol’

Global Music Entertainment Channel MTV revealed on the 6th that they were going to focus on just how much power the idols that make cultural trends have.

From the 8th to the 14th , on the MTV homepage, they are holding a poll for ‘2000’s Super Idol’ .

There are 15 super idols who were chosen to be participants. ‘Big Bang Syndrome’ starters ‘Big Bang’ and holding the greatest fan base ‘Super Junior’ and ‘Dong Bang Shinki’, Handsome, new, and powerful groups ‘FT Island’, ‘2PM’ are the male singers. And as for female singers, there is this countrys younger sisters ‘Sonyuhshidae’, the ‘Wonder Girls’ who are the source that emit beauty and charm, ‘Brown Eyed Girls’ who have attracted a lot of attention with ‘How Come’. They made sure to add every popular singer into it.

Who will be able to taste sweet victory? That is left up to the hands of the netizens.

In other news, in the first Idol Special, the ‘90’s Super Idol’, there was ‘H.O.T. (Happiness)’ was crowned as the greatest king of kings. Following them was this countrys fairys ‘Fin.K.L(Now)’ in 2nd place, 3rd place was ‘GOD(For mother)’. Heartbreakingly H.O.T. ‘Sechskies(Pom Seng Pom Sa)’, who were on par level with H.O.T., stood as 4th place. Following that, ‘SES(I’m Your Girl)’, ‘Shinhwa(T.O.P)’, ‘Baby V.O.X.(Get Up)’ filled up to the 7th spot.

MTV Countdown ‘Idol World’ Part 2, the ‘2000’s Super Idol’  will be revealed on the 26th.

Korean Article: MTV 카운트다운 ‘2000년대 슈퍼 아이돌’



  1. non_casseopian said

    Hey.. you’re gomdorii.. I saw ur vids on youtube..

  2. Afiqah said

    haha might be dbsk number one and super junior takes number 2 xD
    who knows~~
    may the best win!

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