Yoon Eunhye – Park Taehwan’s surprising change to younger man/older woman Winter couple

Talent Yoon Eunhye and Marine Boy Park Taehwan meet through their advertisement shoot.

On the 23rd, Yoon Eunhye and Park Taehwan met through the casual brand Basic House 2008 Winter photo shoot. That day Yoon Eunhye and Park Taehwan recieved attention for showing off a mature and refined fashion.

Park Taehwan, who went from Korea’s younger brother to Korea’s hero when they put the gold medal around his neck at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, threw away his boy-ishness and picked up a more mature image.

On the other side, Yoon Eunhye who advanced to Japan,  has made it into the ranks of being a Hallyu star. He skinny body and natural expression are expressed as she smiles brightly in her pose in the photoshoot pictures. There’s talk that Yoon Eunhye took the lead and made a enjoyable mood since Park Taehwan was very embarassed during the shoot.

Korean Article: 윤은혜-박태환 연상연하 겨울남녀 깜짝변신



  1. lipzx said

    awww this looks awesome.. i was hoping when they would do a photoshot together…. and now im happy…

  2. hi. said

    lol…what is SunYe going to say? tsk tsk tsk Park Taehwan…lol…jk

  3. bro said

    parktaehwan looks uncomfy lol

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