Uknow Yunho “When I was a newbie, I wanted to eat Shark’s fin so I lied and said I ordered 20 black bean noodles”

DBSK member Uknow Yunho has revealed something about his trainee days that he couldn’t say back then.

DBSK has appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Shin Dongyup and Shin Bongsun’s Champange’ on the 4th and said some things that caused a lot of laughs.

Uknow Yunho said “Back then during the trainee days, DBSK and Super Junior couldn’t eat expensive food. And at that time Super Junior member Kibum has arrived from America.” As a result, he joked that they order the really expensive Shark fin.

At the time, “We wanted to eat it so much that we ordered it but at the time they were allowed to eat expensive foods and so when the bill came out to 20 man won (200 dollars) and so we were really surprised. And they gave us 2 plates of mandoo as service which they don’t give even if you order many bowls of black bean noodles.” and went into more detail about the situation.

At the time, Uknow Yunho was good at changing his voice on the phone. He said “When it came time to pay, it bothered him so he called and asked if on the bill he could change the 2 sharks fins to 20 bowls of black bean noodles. Fortunately, they passed over it well. It was a totally criminal act”. For that he apologized saying “Boss, I’m sorry. I just really wanted to eat it. We got all the way here because of the strength we got from eating the shark fin at the time.” Because of his words, he caused the other guests and audience to laugh.

That day during the broadcast, they have to pick ‘Today’s talk King’ and Uknow Yunho with his witty remarks was picked.

Korean Article: 유노윤호 “신인때 샥스핀 먹고싶어 자장면 20개로 주문 속여 죄송


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  1. OMO said

    Oh Yunho! *_^

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