Singers, Hot Competition over Drama OST

Top star singers are battling amongst the 3 broadcasting companies to sing for their drama OST.

Profits from digital singles, being able to download them into your cellphone ad your caller ring and ringtone, are rising and Drama OSTs are also getting popular. And riding the Hallyu wave drama export, many singers are participating in making songs in OSTs. In the past, using new singers to sing for the OST was the trend but now the trend has changed greatly.

Singer Hweesung sang the theme song for the Wednesday, Thursday Drama ‘Land of Winds’ called ‘Even if I was alive… Even if I was dead…’. This is the first time Hweesung participating in singng for an OST. And hit maker Park Geontae composed the song. Kang Eunkyung who wrote the lyrics for ‘Even if I was alive… Even if I was dead…’ commented that Hweesung’s vocal made Moo Hyul (Song Ilgook) and Yeon (Choi Jungwon)’s affectionate love line seem one level better.

On the MBC’s Monday, Tuesday drama ‘Beethoven Virus’, which was released in the middle of last month,  OST, Fly to the Sky’s member Hwanhee sang ‘My Person’, which is the title song. Group SNSD member Taeyeon also contributed. Monday Kiz’s Lee Jinsung also participated. Since his release from the military service last May, Jo Sungmo decided to sing the theme for SBS’s Monday, Tuesday drama ‘Garden of Winds’ OST.

In addition, SG Wannabe is recieving a lot of popularity for singing ‘Reversal of Fate’ for MBC’s Monday, Tuesday drama ‘East of Eden’ OST. On the 9th, the SBS Monday, Tuesday drama ‘Tazza’ will be released and on that OST, Bobby Kim sang the title song ‘리즌’(Reason). Super Junior member Yesung also contributed and is attracting a lot of attention.

Korean Article: 가수들, 뜨거운 드라마 OST 전쟁


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