Following in Sung Shikyung’s steps… new singer Eebul challenges pop

Newbie singer Eebul is challenging the idol dance pop with touching ballad.

Eebul, who released his single album ’01(Forever..)’ on the 10th, will perform his debut stage on Mcountdown on the 25th.

Last month, he released a music video teaser which featured Jewelry’s Park Jungah, Wonder Girls Sunye, SNSD’s Taeyeon, Brown Eyed Girls’s Gain, Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan, and Super Junior’s Shindong. In the video, he also did some very touching crying scenes which receieved attention. He portrays a manly yet delicate and sensitive image which is grabbing a hold of woman’s heart this fall.

Netizens who heard ’01(Forever..)’ think “His voice is good” “He’s a singer that can be in place of Sung Shikyung” and so he is filling in the empty space for ballad in the music world which only seems to have dance and electronica music.

Eebul’s first single album starts with the title song ’01(Forever..)’ Then the song ‘Memories’ which Eebul wrote and composed himself, and then he remade Jeong Hyesung’s song ‘Whenever’ which won the silver award in the 92′ 1st Yoo Jaeha Song Festival. In totally there will be 6 songs.

Korean Article: 성시경 뒤를 잇겠다…신인가수 이불 가요계 도전장


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