Transformed Sunmi, From cute image to sexy charm!

On the 2nd, popular group Wonder Girl’s youngest Sunmi presented an amazing performance of CSJH’s ‘One more time OK’ alongside with Seeya’s leader Nam Gyuri and Brown Eyed Girls Son Gain at Seoul Kangsuh’s 88 Gymnasium on live broadcast cable broadcast Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ (엠카운트다운).

Sunmi is gaining a lot of popularity amongst netizens after throwing away her current cute image to replace it with a sexy, charming image.

That day Sunmi evoked shouts after wearing a black dress and showing her sexy waves.

‘Wonder Girls member Sunmi who made a comeback with Nobody'(노바디), is stirring up a strong wind again. Many fans were shocked at her new transformation.

In other news, Big Bang hold 1st place for the 6th week with their ‘하루하루 (Haru Haru)’ and in the top 20’s is ‘천국 (Heaven)’, ‘착한 사람 (Kind Person)’ which makes them have 4 songs, proving that they are the group that is the most popular.

Korean Article: 선미변신, 귀여운 이미지에서 섹시한 매력으로!



  1. .nodame. said

    I always thought Sohee was the youngest *scratches head*

  2. .nodame. said

    Aaaah Sohee is the youngest, but by about 1 month.

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