Seeya also revives ‘복고(Bokko)’, Roller Skating Rink’s Lively Beauties

Vocal Group Seeya is attempting to be ‘복고 (Bokko) Sexy’.

On the 3rd on KBS ‘Music Bank’ and on the 4th on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’, they performed their comeback stages. During their performance, Seeya acted lively and sexy in their cute mini skirts, in their 1970 Roller Rink theme.

The title song of their 3rd album ‘Brilliant Change’ is ‘Hot Girl’ which is a light electro house beat in addition with their womanly voices. Seeya, who established a medium tempo image, threw that away to transform into a cute and light  girl group.

Following suit, Seeya is promoting this image with releasing a preview of their music video. Director Cha Euntek who made Lee Hyori’s ‘유 고 걸'(U-Go-Girl) was put in charge of  producing the ‘Hot Girl’ music video. They say that it portrays a new popping charming side of Seeya.

Korean Link: 씨야도 ‘복고’, 롤러장 발랄미녀 재연


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