Ab Queen, Flexible body Kilgun launching NY Style clothing shopping mall!

Sexy female singer Kilgun will launch her ‘NYStyle’ shopping mall.

Kilgun, who is known for being ‘Lee Hyori’s choreography teacher’ and her flexible body, is currently gaining peoples attention because of her plans to launch a NY Style clothing shopping mall.

Kilgun launched her latest shopping mall ‘KILGUN’ through online and in Dongdaemun in Seoul in the 유어스(Yoo Us) department store, she vigorously started her own clothing business.

Kilgun who will display the current famous New York style, which is young and sophisticated fashion, says that her dream is to be able to make a clothing brand like ‘ZARA’.

In other news, the director of Kilgun’s company said in a interview with Review Star ” We are going to hold a surprise event in the beginning of October before the fashion shopping mall opens. We request that all of Kilgun’s fans show their love and support”.

Kilgun, who was known as a star who was advised to take care of her image,  is working on her lively music image alongside with the ‘Clothing Shopping mall Launch’, which she hopes will be very successful.

Korean Article: 복근여왕, 탄력적 몸매 길건 NY스타일 의류 쇼핑몰 런칭!


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