‘Sharing Angel’ Suh Shinae Famine Concert Opening Performance

Child star Suh Shinae has become a sharing angel to help all the suffering hungry children in the world.

During the ‘One Meal’ opening, Shinae went on stage and started off the ‘Famine 24’ by reading aloud a letter that spoke of all the children around the world that are in poverty or fighting some unknown disease.

Last September, Shinae sent out a message about her friends pains and requested that they give them a lot of love.   At that moment, she burst into tear and as she started crying, she read the letter in a tearful tone that filled the audience to almost choke from grief.

Even after the recording was finished, she just couldn’t leave and instead she conveyed her warm feelings for those poor starving  children who were around her age.

‘Sharing Angel’ Suh Shinae alongside with Kim Gunmo, Solbi, SG Wannabe, Sonyuh Shidae, Hwangbo, Davichi, Yoonha, F.T. Island, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior Happy and many other stars will be participating in SBS  Famine 24 Concert ‘One Meal’ will be broadcast on the 3rd in the afternoon at 1:10.

Korean Link : 나눔천사’ 서신애 기아체험콘서트 오프닝무대 장식


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