‘Dong Bang Shinki ’ Choikang Changmin, “He almost lost his source of income because of Xiah Junsu?!”


Dong Bang Shinki’s youngest member Choikang Changmin became the topic of conversation as he exposed that Xiah Junsu almost cut off his source of income.


DBSK, who made an magnificent comeback stage after a year and 7 months, appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Shin Dongyup and Shin Bongsun’s Champagene’ and talked skillfully.


During the ‘Shower Talk- It’s all because of you’ Choikang Changmin exposed that because of Xiah Junsu almost stole his source of income. What happened was that at their debut, Choikang Changmin held the cute image in the group, but Xiah Junsu came out with ‘Angel Xiah’ and took the cute image, resulting in Changmin not having any road to follow. Choikang Changmin revealed “Because of him, I just because the tall kid in Dong Bang Shinki”.

After that they revealed that “The members of Dong Bang Shinki had a big fight because we all had our own images but Xiah Junsu messed it up”.

You can see DBSK’s unstoppable talk on the 4th at 11:25 P.M.

Korean Link : ‘동방신기’ 최강창민, “시아준수 때문에 밥줄 끊길 뻔 했다?!”



  1. Peps said

    Aaw, what would DBSK be like without our Changmin? Aah, it’s a good thing he remained in it. Haha, Angel Junsu.

  2. amy said

    awww i did notice that changmin stop being cute but xiah angels loook is sooo cute !!! oh well changmins manly now (:

  3. kpoplover said

    oh well. changmin’s image is…
    the sexy dark one… *glowing eyes in darkness*

  4. Hana said

    lol junsu hahah

  5. maxlover said

    changmin is the sexycute all at the same time!!!

    changmin i love you!!!

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