Park Minyoung, A Graceful Goddess-like Beauty “Looks so much like Olivia Hussey?!”

Park Minyoung is gaining a lot of popularity these days because of her graceful goddess like beauty.

Park Minyoung revealed her latest minihompy picture shows her present self greeting everyone saying “I am working hard every single day. There will be good news soon, and I will greet you with a happy apperance. Until then, be careful of colds and send all of your days smiling”.

Displaying a womanly hairstyle and charming apperance, Park Minyoung looks just like Olivia Hussey who appeared in the movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Because of her height and face, she is getting everyone’s attention.

Park Minyoung, who gained a lot of popularity from MBC’s ‘Unstoppable Highkick, has shown a mature, sexy charm  KBS ‘Return of the Gumiho’. Right now she is taking a break and searching for her next production.

Korean Article: 박민영, 단아한 여신미모 “올리비아 핫세 닮은 꼴?!


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  1. LC said

    I heard she had a plastic surgery. I know most of Korean artist’s beauty is fake, but the way she shows off is annoying.. Sorry if I’m offended her fans… I prefer Shinae ( from WGM) rather than her. Her pictures in her new drama is more charming..

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