DBSK’s singing gets only 80 points? … ‘Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate’

‘Tiny Pianist’ Yoo Yeeun and Dong Bang ShinKi have gotten together on stage.

On the night broadcast SBS’s Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate on the 10th, Blind pianist Yoo Yeeun played ‘You Raise me Up’ while Dong Bang Shin Ki, who returned with their 4th album ‘주문-미로틱(MIROTIC)’ in a year and 7 months,  accompanied her with their beautiful voices.

In case you don’t know who Yoo Yeeun is, she made an apperance on an episode of ‘Star King’ last year because of the fact that she couldn’t see. She got recognized as a piano prodigy and the members of Super Junior Trot were so touched that they surprised her with a piano as a gift.

Super Junior Happy, which consists of Eeteuk, Kangin, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk were also invited as special guests.

After their performance the host, Kim Jungeun sang ‘Na Hangsang Geudaerul’ while Yeeun played.

Yoo Yeeun created a lot of laughter amongst the guests by saying that Dong Bang Shinki’s singing was 80 points while Kim Jungeun’s was 110 points.

The Idol star group DBSK’s appearance on ‘Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate’ will be aired the October 1st at 12:25PM.

Korean Article: 김정은, 7살 신동 유예은양 이쁘죠~

동방신기 노래 실력 80점? … ‘김정은의 초콜릿’


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