Yuri Sanga’s Lee Seyoon is getting married “Let’s share all the happiness and sadness together”

Yuri Sangja’s Lee Seyoon, (36) who has been dating 8 years old younger Kangmo (28) sshi, will get married in the grand ballroom of the 63 Building next year on January 17th.

Lee Sejoon already got approval from their parents and picked a date. He also said “As I promised, I will tell the news of my marriage to my fans first.” So he posted an entry on his minihompy at midnight on the first titled ‘I am getting married’.

Lee Sejoong said “Next year on January 17th, I am getting married. She is the greatest gift of my life. I don’t think that I can live apart from her any longer and so just like the lyrics in our song, ‘Let’s share all the happiness and sadness together’. He also said I promised her ‘Let’s never be lonely’

His new soon to be bride, who is working as an English translator, is currently attending Ewha Womans College, majoring in English. It was said that the two met as a singer and a fan and that’s how their love grew.

Lee Sejoon who debuted in 1997, with the song ‘Is it okay if I love you?’ from the Yurisangja’s 1st album named ‘Soonaebo’ alongside with the song ‘To my bride ’, has recieved a lot of love from their fans.

Starting from the 29th, he is planning on meeting the fans in a live concert at Seoul Choongmoo Art Hall’s little Black theater with ‘10 top Nostalgic Pop’.

Link to Korean Article: 유리상자 이세준 결혼 “세상 모든 기쁨과 슬픔을 함께 나누자”


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