Wah~ Here’s to a new blog.

I think I’m getting the hang of wordpress XD YAY.
But yes…
So you know how a billion news articles come up everyday right?
Not everyone gets them translated and so I just figured… I might as well join in it.

Oh don’t get me wrong, it won’t affect my subbing.
But… if I get bored with subbing, this will be my fall back.
So… I’m not really biased…
I’ll post news articles that I want or I think everyone should know.




  1. kiirohana said

    congrats to new blog!!! good luck in your new undertaking.. lol ><

  2. kiwiberry said

    YAY! welcome to wordpress =D and hello to your new blog!
    this blog would be such a big help to us non-Korean speaking fans..
    thank you thank you~~
    i’ll be checking this often! ^^

  3. hyukjaejoong said

    just in case you havent read my comment to you in your “about” page..i trust your blog so im gonna use your blog as my source of news that i’ll post to another website..hope that okayy! ^_^

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