Kim Gunmo kissed the sole of Lee Youngja’s feet?! “Revealing his embarrassing story”

Kim Gunmo revealed his embarrassing story about how he kissed Lee Youngja’s feet.

Kim Gunmo has a classmate friend relation with Lee Youngja who both went to Seoul Institute of the Arts. Kim Gunmo appeared on a talk show on tvN called ‘Taxi’which Lee Youngja hosts.
The episode that went on between the two 10 years before was revealed and made everybody around burst into laughter.

Lee Youngja who loves joking with people called Kim Gunmo 10 years ago and said “I’m with Choi Jinshil right now so come here.” She urged him to come and hearing that Choi Jinshil was there, Kim Gunmo ran to where she was. But in front of him was Lee Youngja who was in pain because of a sudden spasm she was having.

Kim Gunmo was so surprised and that’s when Choi Jinshil said “If you kiss the bottom of her foot, she’ll get better. And Kim Gunmo was was so shocked that he kissed the sole of her feet. She added that “At that moment,  It was after recording and it was my bare feet which I hadn’t washed yet so it probably smelled a lot.”

Korean link : 김건모이영자 발바닥에 키스?! “굴욕담 공개”



  1. bro said

    somehow, just the mention of choijinshil makes the story not as funny now. rip ❤

  2. amy said

    what!!! lol..hahaXDD

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