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Solbi’s regret “Because of her outburst character, her CF was cancelled”

Solbi was asked if she had ever regretted anything about her character. She replied that she has.

On the 28th, Solbi appeared on ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2’. She was asked “Was there anything you ever regretted?”. She revealed that “For a while, I had the kind of character that just talks without thinking and because of that, a CF I was to appear in got canceled”.

Following this, Solbi talked about her episode with singer Rain. Solbi told that “Rain, who was at the practice room, saw me and got up to greet me.” “Rain, who doesn’t act like a world star, was very courtious and considerate which Solbi was touched by.”

Korean Article: 솔비후회 “막말캐릭터로 CF 취소됐어요”


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Dong Bang Shinki “There is a way to deal with 악플 (mean comments)”

Dong Bang Shinki tells us the way they deal with 악(literally means evil) 플( short for 리플 which means Reply)

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Xiah Junsu – Cursing during ‘Come To Play’ recieves critisism

↑Xiah Junsu on MBC’s  ‘Come to Play’

On the 27th, DBSK who appeared on MBC’s ‘Yoo Jaesuk + Kim Wonhee’s Come to Play’ were asked to send a friend or acquaintance ‘What do I mean to you??’ as a text and see what kind of reply they would get. Uknow Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Micky Yoochun recieved replies. But Xiah Junsu who messaged actor Im Daeho, didn’t recieve a reply back.

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Super Junior, 1 second Cameo on ‘별순검’ (Byul Soon Gum)

Popular group Super Junior Happy (a.k.a Suju) made a surprise cameo appearance in MBC Dramanet’s ‘별순검’ (Byul Soon Gum) for a 1 second. Suju appeared on the 6th episode of ‘별순검’ 5 which aired in Korea on the 18th at 11.

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‘Surprise Stage on the 18th’ Lee Junghyun, Will make her comeback with her 7th album next April

Singer plus actress Lee Junghyun will release her 7th album next April and return to the stage.

Lee Junghyun’s company Yedang Entertainment on the 17th released that “Next April she will return with her 7th album.” Lee Junghyun said through her company that “I’m dealing with creating my 7th album as well as a movie sceanrio at the moment.” “I will stand in front of all the fans with my new great work and music soon.”

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Lee Hongki “The noona that was 2 years old than me who I met in my 1st year of high school was my first love”

FT Island’s Lee Hongki revealed about his his first love.

Lee Hongki appeared on the latest episode of Mnet’s ‘추적 X-보이프랜드 시즌2′(Pursuiting X-Boyfriend Season 2) and confessed that “My first love was a noona that was older than me by 2 years”.

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For 2 bags of Shin ramen, you can see the Wonder Girls and DBSK for free?

On November 9th, at 4 PM at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnasium, the ‘2008 사랑나눔콘서트 (Sharing Love Concert)’ if you bring 2 shin ramens to the concert, then you can get into the concert for free. Starting from 2000, the ‘사랑나눔콘서트 (Sharing Love Concert)’ will be participating in their 9th concert this time around.

This time around, 동방신기 (DBSK)ㆍ소녀시대(SNSD)ㆍ원더걸스 (Wonder Girls) and more than 20 other top singers will participate at this concert. Through these stars, they hope to show teens the meaning of contributing to helping others and hope to achieve their plan in showing people to spread love.

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